Monday, 2 April 2007

Chapter 9: Hospital Ship and Hospital in Malta

From service record:

17 August 1915
Sick to hospital

From Smith, Men of Beersheba, 1993, p 35.

An unending stream of men continued to be evacuated from Gallipoli due to injuries and sickness. By late August the Regiment could count only 320 men on the Peninsula. Men succumbed to sickness every day. In August …many were hospitalised…The depleted ranks were generally filled rapidly as reinforcements accumulated in Egypt and were shipped across as necessary…

From service record:

27 August 1915
Nervous breakdown. Admitted to hospital Hamrun ex H.S. Georgian

From Les Carlyon, 2001, Gallipoli p 333:

"…'nervous breakdown' (a phrase used in 1915 to describe everything from mild exhaustion to frothing lunacy)…"

During the First World War, like the Crimean War period, Malta served as a "Nurse of the Mediterranean". From the Gallipoli campaigns 2500 officers and 55 400 troops were treated in the Maltese hospitals.

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