Monday, 2 April 2007

Chapter 37: Amiens

Amiens cathedral, May 2003

Amiens was occupied by the Germans between 31 August and 11 September 1914. They left at the beginning of the Battle of the Marne . With the arrival of the British in 1915 Amiens became a vital centre of military activity. As the front line moved beyond Bapaume in 1917, activity slowed down here.

In 1918 the German counter offensive brought German artillery close to Amiens and it suffered air bombardment. The cathedral was protected by sandbags and escaped shelling which severely damaged the city. The Germans did not reach Amiens again; they were stopped at Villers Bretonneux.

During WW1, Amiens was known mostly as a place of relaxation for Allied soldiers.

Plaques in the cathedral commemorate the Australian, Canadian, British, American, Newfoundland, South African and New Zealand troops.

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deanne neal said...

would like to know the location of my uncle's grave
He died on 22nd March 1917 at front line. I am guessing, but not far from Amiens( as he had visited it a month earlier)
Am visitng France shortly
With Thanks
D R Neal